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By Stephanie Forte
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Welcome to the Elegant Events blog! We've been in business for over six years, but debated starting a blog for the longest. Today is a big day for us! Not only are we launching the new blog, our updated website has also been released today along with our new branding!

In the blog, we'll share some of the special moments we get to experience, tips, and whatever we may think is absolutely fabulous and event chic. And, we'll try not to talk about any (or many) of our pet peeves.

You'll also get to know Morgan (our Assistant Planner) and me. We've been working on weddings and events together for more than five years. We know each other so well that we can complete each other's sentences, and sometimes thoughts. On more occassions than not, we are color coordinated without planning it.  We ALWAYS agree on making sure our clients have the best event experience possible and the shoes...our shoes, your shoes, FABULOUS shoes. :-)


 Photo courtesy of Photographs by Andrea 

My friend, Andrea Knapp of Photographs by Andrea, has been telling me for almost as long as I've known her that I need to blog. Andrea, I appreciate the advice. I just hope that we can do as well as you do with the Photographs by Andrea Blog.

We are almost as excited about starting this blog (and all of of our recent updates) as we are about the events we are fortunate to be a part of. We are so grateful for all of our Elegant Events clients: present, past and future. We love being a part of your life's special moments! We also appreciate all of the photographers who provide us with the wonderful images from our events, so that we can share them with you.

Again, welcome all of you to the Elegant Events Blog!

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Gina - So excited for you! Looking forward to adding your blog to my "must-read" list.
Andrea - Yay - you made it to the blogging world! Can't wait to read updates and what not, and hopefully send brides your way! :-)