Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
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By Stephanie Forte
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"Will you be my bridesmaid?" is one of those necessary questions between the "Will you..." and "I do."

We started working with Michele last fall. She was no stranger to us. She was a bridesmaid in her friend Hope's wedding (a former Elegant Events bride) several years ago. We were thrilled when she called to ask us to work with her on her special day (another of those necessary questions). Michele's vision for her 2013 wedding is AMAZING. We are so looking forward to it. She's put so much thought into the details - decor, custom stationery, flowers, the cake, etc.

So, it was no surprise when she let me in on her idea of asking her friends to be a part of her special day. Her perfectly executed idea involved custom stationery that she worked on with Michelle (stationery designer at Planning Our Day), a keepsake box that she painted, dress ideas for the bridesmaids and a sneak peak of Michele's gown.

Michele invited her bridesmaids and me to a luncheon last month where she formally asked them to be a part of her big day and presented them with their special boxes (two of her four bridesmaids were there, the other two were unable to attend. She gave them theirs later.) Seeing the reactions on their faces was priceless. All of Michele's throughtfulness was well received.





Michele, Erin and Melissa: It was great having lunch with you ladies and being a part of something so special. Brittany: I'm looking forward to meeting you. Hope: I can't wait to see you again!

Question: When you were planning your wedding, how did you ask your friends to be in your wedding?


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Michele - Stephanie.... Thank you so much for being there with me and being so flexible, accomidating, and easy to work with. I wanted to add that my bridesmaids had NO clue that it was coming. I set it up to be a "dress reveal lunchin" (that I totally made up) to disguise the try meaning of the meeting. They all anxiously awaited pictures of the dress but in the end.... The day was not about me, it was about them. It was a total surprise and worth it all. I would not have had it any other way!

Looking forward to this journey with you Stephanie... It will be awesome!
Andrea - I LOVE that your bride put so much effort into the request!

At my first 'official' wedding I had no bridal party. I simply got married in a wedding chapel in Detroit. I know, the shame of a wedding photographer doing that! LOL When we renewed our vows five years later, I had two bridesmaids (one was my daughter) and the other a good friend at the time. I didn't ask in nowhere near as a lovely way that Michele did. I wish I had.